Hydrographics Training

Hydrographics Paint training

Hydro dipping Training (Water Transfer Printing) is offered and tailored to your business needs from a single day to a multiday program including online live support. (Condition apply)

Our authorised trained staff will come to you in Australia or New Zealand to provide a hands on training program including review and report on your current space, tools and other equipment improvements for your hydrographics business.

If desired, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn the hydrographics custom processes from beginning part preparation to finish coating.

We do everything possible to provide you with visual answers for issues which may occur within the water transfer process.

We also offer a technician to help you in your facility to set up and develop advanced skills in the technology in part time bases.

With your hydrographics training package you will receive an ongoing consultation and free support that is always available 7 days / week.

So why wait? Ask for our special tailored trainig packages today.

Hydro Concepts Australia PTY LTD is the first and only company Certified Hydrographics Company in Australia since 2009.


Some of our training topics covered

  • How to prep parts Sanding
  • Body work (if needed)
  • Working with different materials (Plastic, Metals, etc)
  • Which primers to use on different materials
  • How to effectively paint plastic parts
  • Masking and back tapping
  • When to use primers and primer sealers
  • Base coats Differences between solvent based and water based systems
  • Advantages of solvent based paints
  • Advantages of water based paints
  • Dipping How to dip correctly
  • Hydrographics Activator methodology
  • PVA film types overview
  • Different ways to hydro dip the same parts
  • How the speed is affected in dipping stretching
  • How to make jigs for production runs
  • Rinsing Washing hydro dipped parts
  • Understanding of the correct water temperature.
  • Touch up Different methods for putting the final touch on a part
  • When to re-dip or just touch up
  • Clear Coating best practices to achieve a smooth high gloss finish
  • Wet sanding and Polishing/Buffing Correct ways to polish and buff parts
  • Custom Dipping Tips and tricks to make your work
    stand out even more
    (Advanced Course)

For more information on the prices and availability of this training package please contact our technical support today.

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