Custom Hydrographics Designs

Our Team has now been joined by the best local and international graphics designers assisting with developing of new quality designs which can be used across many industries. Our Royalty Patterns can be purchased as graphic designs files or can be printed in hydrographics OEM Media film or any wide format media your require as low at 1 meter lengths.

To purchase any of our Hydrographics Royalty Patterns please call or email our office for a special order regarding the design code of the pattern you need including the volume you require to be printed for an order to be generated.

If you require printing of your design please provide us with your image on email with your details to discuss printing options.

Our team is also available to design your special request which we can can also be serviced via our Wholesale Printing  Business  WTP Australia

Camouflage Patterns 

Wood Patterns

Animal Patterns

Skull Patterns 

Carbon Fiber Patterns

Cartoon – Movie Patterns

Designer Patterns 

Flames Patterns

Fabric Patterns

Flower Patterns 

Sci-fi Patterns

Hospitality Patterns

Minerals Patterns 

Flag Patterns

Sport Patterns

Vehicle Patterns 

Metal Patterns

​*All Patterns are copyrighted by their respective owner and are to be used in accordance with their brand guidelines.
​Colors may vary from monitor to monitor

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