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Welcome to Hydro Concepts Australia PTY LTD

Headquarters Melbourne Australia

we specialise in Hydrographics -hydro dipping or Water Transfer Printing products supply and hydro dipping on line retail services, with fully qualified hands on training and technical support Australasia Wide.
From planning to development to concept and reality, Hydro Concepts Australia is the first Australian TM registered Company with the largest product range available in stock and ready to fully support the technology on offer with agents and retail drop off points across Australian via our online superstore.

We servicing the Water Transfer Printing industry since 2009 as an online primarily retail point of sale company and we are the first company in Australia to provide a complete WTP services and training in the Oceania region.
Our products development started in Australia in 2008 and released for the first time in 2009 to insure consistent quality and dedicated service for the Australian Water transfer printing industry professionals.

All of our Hydrographics film patterns including our special hydrographics Australian made activator and our hydro dipping tanks prior to their release in the marketplace are fully tested in our hydro in Melbourne Australia LABs for high quality performance and our international manufacturing plan during the manufacturing process.

We don’t believe cutting the corners with the quality of our products and you should expect the best quality product supply available at the time in all of our business turn key product solution.
With our exclusive contractual agreements and business partnerships we hold in Asia, Europe, and USA , we are able to support the technology around the world throughout our international base offices with the ability to transfer wealth of international knowledge faster to our local market with the appropriate support needed to our successful business partners, retail customers and agents Australia Wide.

Our Australian Design products are also exported around the world with customers in Spain, UAE, US, Canada, UK, Greece, Russia, Indonesia, France, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Reunion, Colombia, New-Zealand, Canada, Cyprus, Turkey , Israel, Vietnam, New Caledonia,Timor and many more..

Our goal is to service all of our customers’ needs and provide a personalised direct service from small jobs to large volume based manufacturing projects. We also supply all the products needed for your business to start in surface custom decorating services utilizing some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

This process is known with many names around the world but mostly known as Water Transfer Printing, hydrographics, hydro dipping, hydro printing or even immersion printing.

Over the past few years, we have created an extremely efficient and simple cost-effective process that can handle just about any job with excellent results using our bolt on packages.

Please follow us on our media pages to check out our latest developments and recent work and news we provide often.

Our ability to print the latest and most popular film patterns on a wide variety of materials including 3D objects, with patterns such as carbon fiber, camouflage, skulls, Flames, holographic designs and much more.

Hydrographics Training is a service we provide free of charge to all agents Australia wide with an advance training program as an option. HCA also provided full support for individuals or business who would like be qualified in the Hydrographics Technology by becoming an authorised Agent with a purchase of our Water Transfer Printing authorised kit, take this limited opportunity to grow your business with the technology we support and call us today to join the largest and most professional team in Australia.

Paint and special Effects Our Company has also developed for distribution all the paint components which is required for the WTP Hydrographics process including some special effects paint Super Chrome, Thermochromic HEAT & LIGHT REACTIVE PAINT, including rainbow paint effects which all can be found from our services page.

Industries we mostly support for hydrodipping technology are: Automotive & Racing, Motorcycles & ATVs, Sporting Goods, Home & Garage Decor, Military Equipment, Aircrafts, Computers, Marine, Medical, & more..
Our hydro dipping LAB in Melbourne – Hydrographics Australia HQ business is providing services across Australia throughout our exclusive professional business and fully trained agents.

Contact us today so we can put you in contact with your local provider or even inquire with HCA to become one!

We provide exclusive and dedicated service and support 7 days a week to all customers and agents, make the change today and call our professional team!

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