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HCA Products

Our Price Promise Guarantee

'In the event that you find the same written quote on the same product as ours at a lower price with another Australian company, we will refund the difference'

Retail Dipping Services

IN HOUSE Dipping Standard Print Image Transfer “The single Dip” process is suitable for most applications including automotive, Marine, Aircraft, Firearms and most hunting and fishing applications.
Our quotes prices will cover costs include parts preparations, priming and base colour basecoat application prior to film application and clearcoat finish.

Minimum charge starts @ $150 for a single item.

All Hydro Concepts products will be clear coated (2 to 3 Coats) with your choice of Matte or Gloss finish and can be return shipped 24 hours after the last application of finish clears.

Contact us today to discuss your hydro dipping requirements.

IN HOUSE Dipping Custom Print Image Transfer
– “The Custom Dip” process is likewise suitable for all applications but keep in mind that what we can dip once, we can dip twice or more to create a truly significant “One Off” finish for your particular application.

Various shades of base coats and fades to the substrate can be incorporated in to multiple overlays to create a very unique end product. Film applications can be taped and reverse taped, overlaid and blended to produce a finish that would be hard if not impossible to reproduce making this one off process extremely attractive for Firearms, Auto, Marine and Aircraft applications.

Minimum charge starts @ $220 on a single item

Proud to be using leading edge paint systems refinishing products provided by our partners

Agency Kit / Product distribution

Products distribution:

Hydro Concepts Australia is committed to provide our customers with any size Dipping tank to meet your business requirements including all film patterns and our Australian made chemicals (hydrographics activator) to suit your needs. Please see our technical PDF document on this page regarding our standard Tank specifications.

Contact our professionals staff to discuss your business needs today covering from films patterns, water dipping / washing manual and automatic tanks, Activator chemicals and all your accessories needs, including training to get your business started.

HCA has now expended our product range to provide all tools & accessories, with professional equipment to set up shop from the ground up no matter how small or large you business requirments eg: Spray ovens, Infrared lights, complete Paint System, Speed Shapes, and many other consumables , accessories and tools.

Become an authorised HCA Agent and receive the benefits of discount prices across our products range including free training and ongoing technical support for your busienbss. For more information regarding becoming a dealer contact our technical support today.

Please note: there is No agency joining fees or any ongoing costs with our product agency kit when you choose to join our National HCA team.

Some of our Agency Benefits that come with a standard PRO KIT are:

  • At HCA our agents always get first preference and support 24X7.
  • We bring the customers to you at no extra cost
  • We promote your work and area throughout our advertising methods nationally.
  • In House R&D work in our LAB on the latest films and chemicals
  • We cover and protect your Area and business foot print for exclusivity product supply and support retail business.
  • No hidden ongoing costs.
  • One day free of charge Training on the process and equipment (conditions apply).
  • Up to 70% discounts on products.
  • Freedom to trade as you wish
  • Availability to support and supply your entire automotive material requirements for your business including. e.g spray booth setup, paint system, and all your consumables needs.

At Hydro Concepts, we offer to our customer / Agents who purchase equipment the most in-depth training and support program in the industry with your purchase. Many levels of techniques will be demonstrated, to enable you to choose which set up best meets your needs. HCA is able to build custom processing systems to suit your needs. You will be trained on the style of equipment you decide to purchase, by the most knowledgeable and trained certified technicians in the industry.

Training is offered for a one day (free of charge) or two days program locally depending on what you, the customer, feels is needed. If desired, you will have the opportunity to experience and learn the processes from beginning prep to finish coating. Some customers are already experienced in this area and prefer not to participate however, we do encourage our customers to take the time to learn the entire process. A complete, beginning to end training course requires two full days training.

We do everything possible to provide you with visual answers for issues which may occur within the water transfer process. Also for a minimum charge we offer a technician to help you in your facility to set up and develop advance skill in the technology.

With your training package as an agent you will receive an on going consultation and support that is always available at no charge.

When you purchase an manual or an automated Dipping tank system, we provide installation and training and assistance at your facility by our skilled technicians at no additional charge to you as part of the HCA kit purchased, " conditions apply"

So why wait? Ask for our special Agent package contract deal today and get started!

HCA Agent Training

Hydro Concepts Australia is the first and only company Certified Hydrographics Company in Australia.

Please see below for a list of some of the main topics that is covered in the training that we offer during your training...

  • How to prep parts Sanding
  • Body work (if needed)
  • Working with different materials (Plastic, Metals, etc)
  • Which primers to use on different materials
  • How to effectively paint plastic parts
  • Painting bare finishes
  • When to use primers and primer sealers
  • Base coats Differences between solvent based
    and water based systems
  • Advantages of solvent based paints
  • Advantages of water based paints

  • Dipping How to dip correctly
  • Different ways to dip the same parts
  • How the speed is affected in dipping
  • How to make jigs for production runs
  • Rinsing Washing the part off Techniques
  • Understanding of the correct water temperature.

  • Touch up Different methods for putting the
    final touch on a part
  • When to re-dip or just touch up

  • Clear Coating Best practices to achieve a
    smooth high gloss finish
  • Using flat clear coats

  • Wet sanding and Polishing/Buffing Correct ways to polish and buff parts

  • Custom Dipping Tips and tricks to make your work
    stand out even more
    (Advance Course)

For more information on the prices and availability of this training package please contact our technical support today.


Activator Chemicals

All of the products we supply have undertaken some considerable amount of testing across all films worldwide.
Our company is proud to be a part of the development team assisting our partners to develop products specifically for our customer needs.

Hydro Concepts Australia has now developed a range of different blend of activators to match every 2 or 3D film available in the hydrographics industry. Our Australian made activator and other chemicals are available from as little as 1 litter and up to 200 litters drums. Some of our small packages can be can be purchase from our Online Retail Shop

HCA Online shop is for retail customers only, All authorised agents please contact us direct for your special pricelist.

Water transfer printing PVC film and dipkit solutions.

Our availabl film range has thousands of hydrographics film patterns world wide across designs which will satisfy any business requirements. HCA will keep the most popular patterns in stock to support our customer base needs however, if you has a special film design needs, we are more than happy to develop or obtain the appropriate pattern for you.

We hold the largest Australian hydrographics film library in stock.

HCA is also able to make own design print which we can copyright your design for your business use internationally.

Our raw materials and professional Dipkits are also available from our Retail on line shop which we can put together with all our professional products to meet you design and pattern choice criteria.

Please review our patterns page, for more information please do not hesitate to ask us for a no obligation free quote.

Please note: Our dipping kits d not come in an acrylic paint aerosol rattle can paint system. We only support top quality 2-component paint systems with our dipkits available from our onine store.

HCA Dipping Machines / Washing bays and tools

Water Transfer Dipping Machines (Dipping Tanks) can be Made to order or choose from our standard size units. All HCA Dipping tank have been designed and approved to work in the WTP indusrty around the world.

Our standard range dipping tanks are design to provide best possible solutions for a small to medium business.

Contact us today to discuss your special requirements and let our team design and fabricate the tank to your specifications. Available in 240V single phase or 380V three phase systems.

All HCA Dipping Tanks are ecxlusivly designed by HCA in Australia and build in our factory overseas, all models come with CE Certification with user manuals with back to base warranty and spare parts available locally.

Mini and small size Dipping Tanks are now also available to assist your business with those small jobs to maximize your profits.

Our office from time to time has a range of EX-Demo or training tanks available for sale, ask us now for a special price on an X-demo stock if available.

Dipping tank Specifications:

Take a look at our downloadable PDF brochure on our dipping tank machines Specifications.

HCA Washing Machine

To complete your factory setup HCA can also provide you with the correct washing rinsing machine according to your business size and solutions needs.

Hydrographics Washing mashing - Video Clip


Take a Look at Hydrographics Video Process



Auto role film Tank

Auto washing bay  conveyer

Made to order  Dipping Tank

Manual Tank 1.8mtr

Auto Arm  Deeping Tank

Manual 3mtr  Deeping Tank

Types of Projects common to Water Transfer Printing
& Hydro Dipping services:

Wheels & Brakes
Body Kits & Accents
Interior Accents
Engine Covers
Engine Parts & Accessories
Bottles, Helmets, & More

Motorcycles & ATVs:
Wheels & Brakes
Gas Tanks & Fenders
Frames & Brackets
Engine Parts & Accessories
Plastics & Body Panels

Firearms & Camo:
Firearms, Guns & Weapons
Camo Films & Camouflage
Hunting Equipment

Types of Industries:
Home Decor
Work Office
Garage & Shop
Automotive & Racing
Motorcycles & ATVs
Sporting Goods
Home & Garage Decor
Military Equipment
Aircraft's, Computers
Marine, Medical, & many more


Latest Films release



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Hydro Concepts Australia is now accepting applications for Agencies Australia wide.

Technical Services

The Hydrographics HCA team understands the job doesn’t end once the product is delivered. With help from global partners, we provide customer service and worldwide technical support.

By offering tailored business solutions, Hydro Concepts Australia can meet your business needs and add immediate value to your products.

Technical Operations

•Establishes new licensee operations from development of project scopes through engineering, fabrication, and equipment installation, to startup and operator training.
•Assists our Agents with new product launches through the development of custom graphic images for printing, recommendations for tooling/jigging and process parameters, and providing decorated product samples.
•Researches and develops new materials and equipment for improving the Final Finish in hydrographics process.
•Provides continuous support to our agents throught training, process analysis, and the implementation of process and/or material improvements at licensee facilities

Chrome Plating Services

Chrome plating is extented as an additional service to our customers since some of our agents carry the technology in house. This Service is available for retail bookings only via a small number of HCA agent outlets. For more information please contact us for a quote and assistance.

The following business partners proudly supporting HCA products and agents Australia wide.

Water Pumps

Our Tanks are fitted with Franklin Electric Pumps. Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps with frontal pumps for small to medium systems and simple industrial applications; characterised by a considerable ratio between performance and required output.

Waterborne paint / Solvent base paint system

Our process is tested by leaders in the automotive industry around the world, supported and recommended by PPG waterborne and solvent paints and our Debeer Valspar Automotive refinish paint system.