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Hydrographics  Dipping Machines – Washing Tanks 

Our standard range dipping tanks are designed to provide best possible solutions for a small to medium business. Our manufacturing section designs and build our machine to Australian standards and specification since 2010.

Our designs tools are now the elite WTP products in the industry as our products continue to improve and innovate yearly by our Local Designers who take our customers reviews very seriously.

Contact us today to discuss your special requirements and let our team design and fabricate the tank to your specifications.

Available in 240V single phase or 380V three phase systems. All HCA Dipping Tanks are exclusively designed by HCA in Australia and build in our factory overseas, all models come with CE Certification with user manuals with back to base 2 years warranty and spare parts available locally.

Our parts inventory has all the spare available to service every need Australia wide on any of our models units.

Mini and small size Dipping Tanks are now also available to assist your business with those small jobs to maximize your profits.

Our office from time to time has a range of EX-Demo or training tanks available for sale, ask us now for a special price on an X-demo stock if available.

Automatic hydrographics Dipping tanks

Semi Automatic hydrographics Dipping tank

Hydro Dipping tank Specifications

Take a look at our downloadable specifications PDF brochure

Hydrographics Automatic Washing Machine

To complete your factory setup HCA can also provide you with the correct washing rinsing machine according to your business size and solutions needs.


hydrographics washing bay

Automatic Tank video Demo

Semi Automatic Dipping Tank

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