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Film Development

Hydrographics Custom Film Development

At Hydro Concepts Australia, with the assistance of our special Graphics Designers department we have the capabilities to develop your unique hydrographic film with your specific requirements. We can work with your existing art and modify it based on custom art on your behalf. Our team will deliver samples of the design prior going to production for your approvals if requested.

How does it work?

Contact via email or phone our support line with your request, our team will guide you to with our requirements for the design format requirements we need to start your project.

Our team provides a designer for your business to assist with the design or we can do it in house for you
What happens next?

During the production of your design we must determine and check the number of colours included in the pattern. Every colour requires its own special cylinder to be produced with the artwork. Normally 4 colours is what we need to produce a multicolour design.
Once the design has been evaluated, our team will work with you directly with all the important details about duration and estimated cost to develop the film including production timelines.

Our production cylinders are of the highest quality  fabrication and they are capable of printing thousands of meters of film in 50, 100cm or under a special request 130cm widths.

Approximate cost

The average charge per colour or cylinder is around AUS$700.00 with the media PVA film as additional chargers depending the choice of the width design.

Manufacturing time

Once we get the approval from you, it takes us about 2-6 weeks to develop the product in its final Water Transfer Printing film.

Copyright protected

We take client confidentiality very seriously at Hydro Concepts Australia where all artwork is developed with the utmost privacy. Our Clients receive the copyrights of the film developed with us, while the Gravure plate cylinders used for the project remain the property of Hydro Concepts Australia. (Conditions Apply).

Production Locations

Our factory for large production offset Printers are located in Asia with capabilities of thousands meters printing per day. Location of small volume printing is also available in our Head office in Melbourne Australia for those customer require special runs and proofing of their designs. Contact our office today to discuss your project requirements.

Call us today to discuss your project in confidence

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